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Pendulum doors 510.52

Pendulum doors serve to move waste out of the chamber without infecting the operator. Inside the chamber there is a pendulum closing mechanism. A tube comes out of the chamber, on which a film sleeve is pulled to take the necessary material. As an option, it is possible to install a welding bar, with which the film sleeve is hermetically sealed to avoid contamination of the operator.


Doors are produced right-handed and left-handed, depending on the side of the chamber in which the doors will be installed. The inside of the pendulum mechanism is sealed with a static seal. Materials used for the production of doors: AISI 316L, safety glass, POM-C FDA CRF.177.2470 and silicone seal that meets FDA CRF.177.2600.



Type designation of doors

Type designation of doors

Choice of opening option

  • left side of the body

  • right side of the body

  • In this category, it is selected on which side the swing door will be located


Choosing a welding bar

  • no weld bar required

  • weld bar required

  • In this category, a welding bar is selected for a given size range, and whether it is required

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