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Company goals and policy



Maintaining and expanding the position of a strategic manufacturer and supplier of structural elements for the construction and equipping of "clean rooms" within the FORCLEAN® production programs, maintaining and expanding the position of a strategic supplier of equipment and constructs for equipping "clean rooms" within the holding on the territory of the Russian Federation and customs countries union

For our customers, we must be a reliable supplier of quality products at an affordable price.

Implement functionally timeless HIGT Technology investment projects and operating packages with an emphasis on consistent environmental protection and optimization of investment and operating costs

We are among the Russian leaders in the field of creating clean rooms for pharmacy, biotechnology, healthcare and microelectronics

Our employees are proud of the FORCLEAN brand

Quality policy

We are a good and reliable partner for our customers and suppliers

We respect capable and motivated employees

We are constantly improving the efficiency of our processes

We implement and will develop a world-class quality management system

Clear Lake Water

Policy and strategy for environmental protection

By analyzing work processes and taking appropriate measures, we minimize negative impacts, with   the goal of our continuous improvement


With a preventive approach, we reduce the generation of waste and, in case of their formation, we always try to dispose of them or dispose of them in an appropriate way.


We comply with all legal requirements of the Russian Federation for environmental protection


Through training and appropriate motivation of employees, we improve their environmental awareness and approach to environmental protection.

Work Safety and Health Policy

We comply with the applicable provisions of all legal regulations, i.e. laws, ordinances and ordinances relating to safety and health protection at work, we apply these provisions in all areas of the company


We will continuously improve processes related to safety and health at work


We direct employees - to comply with and promote the obligations stipulated by this policy

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