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Partition panels with increased heat resistance (102.06)

Panels with increased heat resistance are used for the construction of thermal rooms and refrigeration boxes. The spaces created by these panels are designed to meet the temperature and pressure requirements of the customer. The entire system of connecting panels to each other as well as to other components (eg door frames, ceiling panels, floors) is designed to cut off all thermal bridges and minimize heat transfer. The system of these panels also includes other elements to create integral boxes: doors with increased heat resistance, ceiling panels.


  • Sandwich type panels consisting of shell and inner filling

  • The panels are connected by mutual sliding; self-supporting.

  • It differs from the main partitions in filling and fastening to the side partitions, floor and ceiling.

  • Media distribution, power distribution and HVAC distribution are all carried out on the surface or outside of the clean room.




  • The entire connection system is designed to break all thermal bridges and minimize heat transfer.

  • Small thermal losses - uniform distribution of temperature in thermometers.

  • Fulfills all GMP requirements for surface cleanability (hermetic joints, factories, smooth transitions).


1- Coating;
2 - Filler;
3 - L-profile circular;

4 - L - profile with plinth;
5 - Coating;
6 - 2x L profiles not connected


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