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Graphic panel 102.15

The graphic panel is a modern, design solution for part of a partitioning system to create clean rooms and workplaces with maximum sterility, hygiene, ease of maintenance and sanitation.

The installation of the panel is suitable for the field of healthcare (operating rooms, rest rooms, intensive care units, various departments and corridors), pharmaceutical, engineering, electrical and chemical industries.


  • Sandwich panel with glued faceplate made of safety glass, HPL or Acrovyn®

  • Possibility of integration into the BLOCK partition system



  • The graphic panel is aligned with the building, which does not disturb the appearance of the clean rooms.

  • Easy maintenance, meets the most stringent hygiene requirements.

  • Acrovyn® is resistant to dilute acids, alkaloids and salt solutions, mineral or vegetable oils, disinfectants, alcohols, solvents, fatty acids and other substances. A complete chemical resistance table is available upon request.

  • Attractive design with the ability to print your choice of image to enliven the interior of the building

  • HPL resin impregnated high pressure laminate provides high wear, scratch, impact and water resistance, reducing high maintenance and repair costs.

  • Acrovyn® is characterized by low flammability. It goes out when the flame source is removed.

  • Ideal resistance to UV radiation, all color shades - durable coloring.


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